Frontier Mosquito Control is committed to providing solutions to protect your home and family with an environmental advantage. We will use state of the art equipment and technology to help stop mosquitoes. Reducing any impact on NON TARGET PESTS! ESPECIALLY our Bee Pollinators. Frontier recognizes their importance to our food chain and we’re committed to protecting the bee. Providing a respected balance to the control measures we take to protect your home and families health.

Frontier wants to be your trusted source for protecting people, structures and property from pest related health and damage threats. Especially vector pests.




Pest related health threats continue to make headlines, public awareness reaching a new high in connection between health threats and pests.

Frontier Pest Control wishes to provide services that help improve the health of the public, and give better access to options that solve pest problems. Although Frontier Mosquito Control refuses to speculate on insect borne diseases and their potential to spread. We believe it is better to become informed and educated and practice vigilance in mosquito control. The CDC provides public information which can help you protect yourself from vector borne diseases in mosquitoes. Frontier urges you to call now to begin an early intervention service which will help to eliminate breeding grounds at your home, in addition to treating your property for not only adult mosquitoes, but also the larva stage of this vector born insect. We encourage you to select a company that has a Public Health Pest Control License. Using technicians that have been trained under the supervision of a public health pest control licensee.

These technicians will be trained how to inspect and recognize harborage areas and able to perform source reduction and a professional treatment.

Frontier Mosquito Control service/program is customized to meet your needs and budget and provide the peace of mind and protection you deserve. This system includes, not just a Spray & Go MentalityBut, A Comprehensive program that will provide source reduction adulticide and larvacide treatments.